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5th September 2017

iPhone / iPad / Apple watch


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Chess have never been this fun with Knight Watch, a puzzle game combining chess mechanics with arcade gameplay. As a lone knight only able to move in L-Shape (like in chess), player's goal is to clear levels by capturing all enemies. During his journey, players will meet units inspired by chess pieces(rook, bishop, queen…) and tricky obstacles to overcome through 200 levels and 3 games modes. The Knight Watch also has a skin system allowing to change characters and background visuals at will, with more than 40 themes available !


The Knight Watch goal is to be a great game on both Apple Watch and iPhone ! We also want to appeal to chess players and new gamers alike. In order to do this, we decided to create a game that supports all playing behaviors : You can enjoy the game and complete a level in few seconds or take several minutes to plan the perfect path. Focus on getting the fastest time possible or unlock new skins. Compete alone, in leaderboards with friends or against the whole world. We also believe Apple Watch has a great potential for interesting games ! That's why the wearable version of The Knight Watch has unique levels, mechanics and game modes.


  • Simple to understand but hard to master with deep gameplay that both chess users and new players can enjoy
  • 100 unique levels for iPhone and +100 exclusives levels for the Apple Watch
  • 40+ amazing themes to unlock.
  • 3 games modes.
  • Game Center achievements,complications, Stickers and 3D Touch.
  • Pay once, and no ads or in-app purchases ! All our updates are free.


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay: Rush mode YouTube

Gameplay : Normal mode  YouTube

Character design time lapse YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (15MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured in the "New games we love" selection " Apple Store ,8th September, 2017
  • "PG Bronze Award " Pocket Gamer, 8th September, 2017

Selected Articles

  • " This is a refreshing modern twist on the most familiar game of them all."
    - Jon Mundy, Pocket Gamer
  • "Knight Watch : les échecs en mode fun sur iOS."
    - Tom's Guide staff, Tom's Guide FR
  • "[...]This is excellent. Especially because The Knight Watch follows a remarkable progression, adding difficulty difficulty as well as new pieces, which pushes us to that pushes us to go through the 100 levels of the game very quickly. The title, [...] finally offers a nice replay value since we come back to it with pleasure to try to make the perfect move."
    - Christophe Butelet, JV le mag
  • "Seele Games has done a fresh and revised version of chess which is both personal and relevant. Knight Watch is puzzle game full of surprises, optimized for all type of players."
    - Monkey Mike, Kick my geek

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About Seele Games

Seele games is a company specialized in iPhone and AppleWatch games. We make high quality innovating games, created with passion and generosity to fully explore the devices it's developped for. We are located in Montpellier, France, but we’re working with talented peoples from all around the world !

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The Knight Watch Credits

Dimitri Darsch
Game designer, Seele Games Co-founder

Céline Pêcheur
Artist, Seele Games Co-founder

Dylan Lualdi

Thomas ciccone
Sound designer


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