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December, 2016

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Pocket Bandit is an arcade puzzle game revolving around Apple Watch crown and vibrations. As a renowned Thief, the goal is to travel all around the world and steal precious treasures hidden inside vaults. To find the 100+ objects Pocket Bandit has, you will only need 1 tool: your Apple Watch!


Released in 2016, Pocket Bandit is one of the first games designed exclusively for Apple Watch. Our goal with Pocket Bandit is simple : making a good game that cannot be done anywhere else but on Apple Watch. We believe it is a great device that can allow exciting gaming experiences and while some good games have been released in the past, we feel like a lot can still be done. Apple Watch development had a lot of design and technical challenges but ultimately it allowed us to create an unique experience that could not be replicated on any other devices. We had to go back to gaming roots: style, clarity and instant fun. To reach that result, we tried to make the best of two key features: the crown and vibrations. Turning the crown makes the cursor move and when it reaches the good combinations, players get a slight vibration on their wrist. It results in a gameplay making players feel like they are Arsene Lupin or part of Ocean’s Eleven crew. That fun and deep gameplay was only possible on Apple Watch. Pocket Bandit’s Art direction was also designed with Apple Watch in mind. It takes inspiration from jazz and artists like Saul Bass. We decided to go for bright colors and high contrast, making good use of negative spaces. It results in visuals that are stylish, feel fresh and run smoothly on Apple Watch. Pocket Bandit's gameplay, visuals and game feel are all made to play to the Apple Watch strengths. Players can do a quick heist in less than 10 seconds or spend hours to collect rare treasures. At Seele Games, we are also big believers of fair monetization. We plan to regularly provide new updates and features, based on players feedbacks, for free. Pocket Bandit is a game crafted by an international trio: - Juan Pedro Lozano a seasoned creator from Spain who has been developing games since the age of 10. He has also contributed to other notable games, such as The 4th Prophecy, and is known for his work on Apple Watch titles like AtomicBox and AtomicBasket. - Celine Pecheur, a French Fine Art School graduate who spearheads the game's visual style. - Dimitri Darsch, a seasoned game designer from France with over a decade of experience working with renowned companies like Disneyland, Microsoft, and Thunderful.


  • The perfect puzzle game for Apple Watch : quick, fun and deep gameplay !
  • More than 100 treasures to find !
  • Complications for Apple Watch and 10 stickers for iMessage.
  • Beautiful and stylish visuals
  • Pay Once and play forever ! Events and new content are on the way...


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured in the " Quick-Fix Games" selection " Apple Store , 25 December 2016

Selected Articles

  • " The game that turns your Apple Watch into a safe you can crack is a hidden gem. Dial hard."
    - Christian Donlan, Eurogamer
  • " Pocket Bandit is the exact type of quick in-and-out game that we love to see on Apple Watch"
    - Michael Archambault, Digitaltrends
  • "Pocket Bandit is one of my favourite paid games for Apple Watch purely because of its excellent gameplay and the way it makes such good use of the watch’s taptic-engine and Digital Crown."
    - Anmol Sachdeva, Beebom
  • " Pocket Bandit leans into the one thing that distinguishes the watch from other devices: the Digital Crown. "
    - Dave Johnson, Business Insider

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Seele games is a company specialized in iPhone and AppleWatch games. We make high quality innovating games, created with passion and generosity to fully explore the devices it's developped for. We are located in Montpellier, France, but we’re working with talented peoples from all around the world !

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Pocket Bandit Credits

Dimitri Darsch
Game designer, Co-founder

Céline Pêcheur
Artist, Co-founder

Juan Pedro Lozano Baño


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