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Gems and Watch is a label specializing in creating great games for smartwatch devices. We believe that wearables offer a fantastic playground for new ideas and concept. Our goal ? Providing great games designed for smartwatch devices with depth and replay value. We also believe in economic models that respect players and experiences that can last for months and even years.. Everytime you will see the Gems and Watch banner, you know that a good game for your smartphone AND smartwatch awaits you.


Gems and Watch is a smartwatch games label created by Seele Games. Seele Games is a company founded by Celine Pecheur and Dimitri Darsch. Celine is a Fine Art School graduate and Dimitri is a seasoned game designer with dozens of games under his belt. After a decade of various projects done together (from games to comics) they decided to start their lifelong dream : creating their own game company. Celine, Dimitri and all Seele Games members from all around the world share the same vision : thinking outside the box in order to create innovating and interesting games on new devices.


  • Quality : We do great games for Smartwatch AND smartphone devices
  • Depth : Our games are easy to learn but hard to master
  • Outside the box : We try to break new grounds with our ideas.
  • Fairness : We wont flood you with ads and shady ways to get more money.


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About Seele Games

Seele games is a company specialized in iPhone and AppleWatch games. We make high quality innovating games, created with passion and generosity that fully explore devices they're developped for. We are located in Montpellier, France, but we’re working with talented peoples from all around the world !

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More information on Seele Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Gems and Watch label Credits

Dimitri Darsch
Co-founder and Game designer

Celine Pecheur
co-founder and artist

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